Money Back Guarantee

Change your mind:
I want you to buy a Quena with confidence. I guarantee my work and if you do not like it, I will return your money. All I need is an email message telling me why. Send the instrument back to me in the condition you received it in. I will then send you a full refund minus the initial shipping cost. You are responsible for the cost of shipping back to me.This is not the full guarantee that you get from the big web stores, but you have to understand I am running a very small business here and I can not afford the shipping charges.

Damaged or wrong Quena:
In the case the instrument has defects due to construction or it is the wrong quena, I will assume the charges for your return. Please be aware that some woods are very fragile and have to be taken care of. Rosewood will crack if you leave the flute in a hot car or direct sunlight for a period of time. Rosewood will crack like glass if it falls from a high place. I will reserve the right to decide if the damage was due to shipping mishaps or negligence. I also want to tell you that I insure the flutes for the full amount in the shipping so you and I are safe from those mishaps.

Special orders:
I do not accept returns on special orders, except for errors in manufacturing. The special tunning and special scales you order, that are not part of my standard inventory are hard to re-sell and I can not asssume the cost. I will however, make all the effort to make you happy and provide you with an instrument that you love and play.

If you need specific explanation of my "Money Back Guarantee", please email me and I will be happy to explain.

Quena-Flute of the Andes
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