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Buying a Quena:
The most important aspect you should never overlook when buying a Quena is its tuning. It does not matter that much the what material is used for the construction or what decorations the maker has made on the instrument. Sound is the main reason for the flute's existence, and the right tuning is the key for you to be able to play like a pro with other musicians.

Tuning is essential if you are going to play the Quena along with other instruments. My Quenas are tune using an electronic tuner to the standard pitch of A440. All the notes are carefully balanced so you can easily play them in tune with any other instrument tune to this standard pitch. The normal scale for the Quena played with open holes is G Major, for the Quenacho, a larger version of the Quena is D Major, one fourth below the Quena.

The following Flash movie will show you the simple fingering in the first and second octave of the quena.


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You can test the sound of my Quenas in two ways with the following interactive Flash movies.
The first Flash movie will play the G major scale you choose.

The following Flash movie will play the note you want to hear. Click on the scale and then the finger that closes the note you want to hear.

Quena-Flute of the Andes
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